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Non-surgical Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of Skin with Placenta - Why Placenta?

Since ancient times human placenta was known to be a remedy for wound healing. It was applied to the place of injury to regenerate the cells and damaged tissues. Placenta contains everything needed to nourish a baby during embryonic development. The amino acids contained in placenta are not found anywhere else in the nature. They are unique and pluripotent. There are at least five growth factors in placenta: Hepatocyte Growth Factor, Nerve Growth factor, Epidermal Growth Factor, Fibrobalst Growth Factor, Insulin-like Growth Factor and four interleukins strengthening the immune response (IL-1, IL-2, IL-3 and IL-4). Placenta contains mucoplysaccharides, proteins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. You can read more about miraculous properties of placenta by googling articles by Kentaro Yoshida, a Japanese scientist and owner of a medical clinic in Tokyo.

Extract from human placenta is commercially produced in Japan. Japanese have been successfully using placenta facial treatments for over 50 years. Placenta has been used for skin rejuvenation as well as for healing autoimmune disorders, various forms of arthritis, hormonal dysfunction, etc.

Now our clinic offers facial rejuvenation using the most advanced methods. Buy our placenta nutritional supplements, use placenta masks and creams and schedule your evaluation for a facial with placenta extract!

All the products are imported from Japan (Japan Bio Products Corporation).

  • Placenta facial with human placenta extract-$175. Recommended a set of 3 spaced at 3-4 weeks for a full effect.
  • Human Placenta Repair cream 35 g -$140. Commit to this product and you will see amazing results.
  • 3D Placenta Mask- 1 mask for $30 or buy a pack of 5 for $130. Apply mask once a week for remodeling of your skin
  • Oral supplement Human Placenta 100 day supply (100 capsules)-$200
  • Oral supplement Porcine Placenta 100 day supplement (100 capsules)-$150

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