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Eyelift and Blepharoplasty

As you age, the skin and muscles of your eyelids and eyebrows may sag and droop. You may get a lump in the eyelid due to normal fat around your eye that begins to show under the skin. These changes can lead to other problems. For example:

  • Excess skin on your upper eyelid can block your central vision (what you see in the middle when you look straight ahead) and your peripheral vision (what you see on the sides when you look straight ahead). Your forehead might get tired from trying to keep your eyelids open.
  • Loose skin and fat in the lower lid can create “bags” under the eyes that are accentuated by drooping of your cheeks with age. Many people think these bags look unattractive and make them seem older or chronically tired.

  • Patients often refer to this surgery as an “eyelid tuck” or “eyelid lift.” Ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) call this surgery “blepharoplasty.” The ophthalmologist may remove or change the position of skin, muscle, and fat. Surgery may be on your upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both eyelids. The ophthalmologist will put sutures (stitches) in your eyelid to close the incision (cut).

    Please see our Before and After photos.

    Fees: Upper eyelids blepharoplasty $1,500 (both upper eyelids)

    Lower eyelids blepharoplasty $2,500 (both lower eyelids)

    Both upper and lower on the same day $3,500.

    Patient Forms

    To save time during your appointment, please print and fill out the forms below.

  • Instruction Before and After Surgery
  • Blepharoplasty Consent Form
  • Payment Agreement
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