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Botulotoxins and Fillers

About Botox

Since its introduction on a medical market Botulotoxin A made a breakthrough with Medical Aesthetics by revolutionizing skin care. Botox is a safe and highly effective way of reducing and eliminating facial wrinkles. Injections are performed in our office under local anesthetic cream in a relaxed atmosphere using the smallest size needles. The amount of units varies from face to face depending on the strength of facial musculature and amount of wrinkles. We strive for natural appearing results. Initial consultation is free of charge. The full effect of Botox takes place on day 5 and lasts 3-4 months after which muscles start regaining power. Repeated injections of Botox lead to weakening of muscles and disappearance of wrinkles. Your face also acquires a fresher, less tired, more even appearance.

Side Effects

Side effects are rare. Allergy to Botox is the most serious side effect. Drooping of the eyelids may happen and is usually dependent on the injection technique not the medication itself. Some redness and bruising may occur. In general Botox is a no downtime procedure not requiring any special recovery or preparation.

What to Avoid

Any anti-inflamatory medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn and supplements, such as fish or flaxeed oil, garlic pills, vitamin E, Ginko Biloba should be stopped at least one week prior to the procedure.

Please do not plan heavy work-outs, strenuous physical activity, facials, or attending sauna/hot tub after the procedure. Do not rub or massage your face. Do not lie down for two hours after the procedure to avoid incorrect distribution of the medication.

If on some reason you feel you need to add more Botox after five days, please give us a call. It is much easier to add than to subtract the medication! Again we try not to give you an unnatural look.

We charge per unit, not per area as people’s anatomical parameters vary widely. You have to try Botox at our unbeatable price only $10 per unit!

Office Hours

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